Advance Android Development Description

Advance Android Development

Course Duration : 120 hrs (Within 90 days approx)
Eligibility: 2nd Yr / 3rd Yr / 4th Yr B.Tech. / Diploma / MCA / BCA / Msc and BSc students
Course Objective:

To understand the Android platform architecture, design, develop, debug, and deploy Android applications, use Android SDKs simulator to test and debug applications, construct user interfaces with built-in views and layouts.

Prerequisite: Understanding of basics of Android Development
Course Fee: 12000 /-
Course Content :

·         Module 1

o    Environment Setup

o    Android Architecture overview

o    Android Application Components Overview

o    Android Studio Creation of Project and Project File Hierarchy Walk through

o    Android Demo application for Beginners

·         Module 2

o    Working knowledge of JDK, JRE and JVM.

o    Encapsulation

o    Polymorphism

o    Inheritance

o    Abstraction

o    Interfaces

o    Packages

o    Arrays


·         Module 3

o    Android Activity Life Cycle

o    Android Activity and Layout coordination

o    Activity Manipulation and going to other Activities

o    Intent and Intent Filters

o    Organizing Resources and Using Resources in Android Studio

o    Fragment

o    Fragment Life Cycle

o    Activity and Fragment Interaction

·         Module 4

o    Android Layout

o    Layout Types, Uses, Attributes to be used

o    Android UI Controls and their usages (Button,Textview,Listview ,Date Picker ,Time picker ,Adapter those will all be covered inside this )

o    Programmatically creating Layout components and Creating them from Layout

o    Handling Android UI designer and setting Properties from there

o    Event Handling

o    Event Listeners and Handlers

o    Defining Style and Theme attributes

o    Adding String values



Module: 5

Android Database handle

Android Shared Preference

Module: 6

Android JSON Parsing using volley(GET/POST)

Android Internet connection handler

Concept of Material design,Snack bar

Picaso for Imageloading

Module: 7 

Android Notification, Android Splash screen

Android background service, Android Handler

Android Hardware Interaction (Camera, Gallery)

Broad Cast Receiver

Module: 8 

RecyclerView,SwipeRefresh Layout,Tab Layout with ViewPager

Android MapView and create MAP API KEY

Module: 9

Various Android Versions Compatibility for App (Marshmallow, KitKat, Jelly Bean)

Marshmallow device permissions(Hardware permission)

Animation, Vector assets & Image assets

Firebase Cloud Messaging(FCM)


o    Generating APK